Bay Health Festivals

Bob Hart

This fund-raising page has been created for individuals who would like to contribute to Bay Health Festivals, UHMBT's events and activities designed to inspire happier, healthier lives.

Lucy’s Skydive 9th April

Lucy Helliwell

I am raising money for the Bay Hospital charity as I believe they deserve the donations for all the amazing work they do.

Hayley and Jake’s Cross Bay Walk

Hayley Niven

On Sunday 25th June we’ll be walking the 8 miles over the beautiful Morecambe Bay sands from Arnside to Grange to raise money to support the fantastic work of Bay Hospitals Charity.

Great North Run 2023

Neil Postlethwaite

To raise funds for Furness General Hospital where members of my family have been cared for

Cross Bay Walk June 2023 - Georgie & Gerard

Bay Hospitals Charity

We believe that everyone should have access to the best possible healthcare. I realise that I was very fortunate to have excellent treatment from the NHS during the last year. The Cross Bay walk has been a personal goal as part of my post treatment recovery plan and it is a walk that we had originally planned to do last Summer. It is important to us that we raise funds to support cancer treatment and so have selected to do this walk for Bay Hospitals Charity. Thank you for sponsoring us!

Tech Services Cross Bay

Garry Ronson

Raising funds for the Morecambe Bay Health Authority

Jago and Mummy Cross The Bay

Gemma Passmore

Mummy works with lots of poorly children and we want to help raise money for the charity that helps get equipment for her. We would like to buy trains for the children with clubfoot and they have bought her special seats for the children too!
Please help me and mummy to support more special children across the Morecambe Bay hospital area :-)

Cross Bay Walk: Michaela, Rhiannon and Hayley

Michaela Stallman

We are raising funds for Bay Hospitals charity not only because we live and work in the area, but because we have all at some time received care there and will at some time in the future.

Ralphie's 100km walk in May

jo pattinson

I am walking 100km through May to make money for FGH orthotics department where I have been a patient for most of my life.

Tech Services

Technical Services Bolto


Melanie Braithwaite

We are fundraising for Bay Hospitals Charity as a way to give back to our host business. DFN Project SEARCH Furness General Hospital is a supported internship programme for young adults with a learning disability and or autism. The interns have been supported by a number of departments across the hospital, including Bay Hospitals Charity so we would like to give something back as a small thank you for everyone's support.

World Prematurity Day

Andrea Morgan

World Prematurity Day. Let’s celebrate how amazing our little premmies and their families are.