Patients in the Morecambe Bay area are benefitting from thousands of pounds donated to Bay Hospitals Charity from people who have pledged money in their wills. 

So far in 2022, the charity has received nearly £350,000 from donors who chose to leave money in their wills to support University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Trust. 

Among the largest donors was one individual who left a legacy of more than £250,000, while a further three donors gave £20,000 or more. 

Bay Hospitals Charity Head of Charities and Fundraising Suzanne Lofthouse said: “We are so grateful to the generous donors who leave money in their wills to support our hospitals and help them to deliver the best possible patient care. 

“Many of those who leave money to Bay Hospitals Charity do so as a way of saying thank you for care they or their loved ones have received through our hospitals.  

“There are many emotional stories of the personal reasons that people choose to leave something to Bay Hospitals Charity in their wills, and we ensure that these legacies are used to benefit our patients.” 

Bay Hospitals Charity funds the latest equipment for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust to help make patients more comfortable and ensure they get the best possible care and treatment.    

UHMBT Medical Director Miss Jane McNicholas said: “It’s incredibly moving to know that the care provided by our hospitals inspires people to support us by leaving something to us after they have passed away. 

“All donations are hugely appreciated, and the good that is done with the money offers our supporters a way of leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.” 

Your solicitor can advise you on how to leave a legacy to Bay Hospitals Charity through your will. 

For more information, contact Bay Hospitals Charity on 01524 516064 or email [email protected]