Mark Dempster Memorial Rally - Saturday 23rd September 2023 at Lakeland Motor Museum.

Mark Dempster began feeling unwell at the end of May 22, having 5 months earlier been given the all clear from bowel cancer. As his symptoms progressed he was admitted to FGH ward 9. It then became apparent that Mark’s cancer had returned, not only had it returned but it was now terminal and he was given approximately 2 weeks to live. Mark handled this with absolute bravery and when asked what was his number one priority right now, he turned to the nurses and said “To marry my fiancée Lianne”. Mark and Lianne were due to be married in May 2023, however it was now apparent that Mark would tragically not be here. The nurses and ward staff did not hesitate and simply said “We can do weddings!”. Within the hour the registrar was booked, bridal dresses were arriving at FGH, donations of flowers, balloons, cake and a make up appointment for Lianne was arranged by the staff. One staff member even volunteered to come in on her day off to do Lianne’s hair.

The very next day, Lianne and Mark became husband and wife in front of a small number of family and friends, which now included the staff of ward 9. The staff will never know what the meant to the couple to be husband and wife, even for the short amount of time they were told was likely.

To say thank you, Mark’s wife Lianne, along with two of Marks close friends Chris and Ed are organising a car show, to raised money for FGH ward 9 along with another separate charity. Mark was a keen rally driver and loved to bring people together so is also a lovely tribute to him.

“My husband Mark Dempster passed 7th July 2022, 20 days after our wedding. I have his name to carry forward, and memories of a wonderful man that I am so lucky to be able to call my husband, that is thanks to everyone on Ward 9 who will never know how much that means. Thank you is simply not enough”. Lianne Dempster.

Lianne Dempster