Join Friends of Royal Lancaster Infirmary for this fun fundraising event for all the family.

Beetle is a fun family game where players compete to be the first to draw a complete beetle.

The body parts are each given a number.

6 - The Body - (1 per beetle)
5 - The Head - (1 per beetle)
4 - The Wings - (2 per beetle)
3 - The Legs - (6 per beetle)
2 - The Antenna - (2 per beetle)
1 - The Eyes - (2 per beetle)

Players take turns to roll a die and can add the corresponding body part to their beetle.

The 'Beetle Drive' is a mass game of Beetle, with participants playing together in groups.

With prizes to be won and a raffle, it promises to be a fun evening for all ages.

Entry is £5 for adults and £2 for children.