Our current BAY B’s Maternity Appeal launched at the end of January 2017.  With an ambitious £250,000 target, the Appeal aims to fund additional equipment, services and furnishings will make all the difference to mums- to-be and their partners.

The amazing new maternity unit at Furness General is scheduled to open in December 2017 at Furness General Hospital. Click here to find out more about the appeal.

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New Maternity Unit
The day the new unit investment was approved
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Giraffe Omnibed – Special Care Baby Unit carestation £35,000

The Giraffe Omnibed pairs an incubator and radiant warmer to create a seamless healing microenvironment for all poorly babies, aiding their return to health.  This carestation minimizes baby’s temperature swings, as well as provides uninterrupted uniform heat during transition from incubator to warmer.

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Giraffe Omnibed

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Improving patient environments has a positive impact on people reducing levels of stress and anxiety which can help make the treatment process more comfortable and aid the recovery process. 

Bay Hospitals Charity
Bay Hospitals Charity

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