Bayb’s maternity appeal

Our exciting BAY B’s Maternity Appeal launched at the end of January 2017.  With an ambitious £250,000 target, the appeal aims to fund additional equipment, services and furnishings that will make all the difference to mums-to-be and their partners.

Work on this amazing new maternity unit at Furness General Hospital is scheduled to finish in December 2017.  Click here to find out more.
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Bay Hospitals Charity Bayb's maternity appeal


As science evolves and new ideas on best practices emerge all the time,  our appeal aims to fund a variety of equipment including birthing aids aimed at helping both mother and baby during the birthing process and additional birthing pools, giving parents who want a water birth in hospital the chance to do so.  We also aim to fund the very latest in simulation technology, ensuring clinical skills remain at the cutting edge of mother and newborn care.

Supporting babies through the Bayb maternity appeal

Special Care Baby Unit

Sometimes babies need a little extra help when they arrive, either because they are unwell or born too early.  1 in 13 babies born in the UK are born too soon to go home and may need special care.  With your help, we can make our brand new special care baby unit the best it can be, offering local parents a chance to stay and be close to their precious baby

New Maternity Unit Plans

Bayb's maternity appeal supports the new Special Baby Care Unit at Barrow


Relaxation has long been recognised as a vital part of a healthy birth, a calm relaxing environment, with a bed for both mum and birth partner along with soothing relaxation aids can make all the difference to baby and anxious parents during the hours before birth giving baby the best opportunity for a safe arrival.  

Bay Hospitals Charity's Bayb's maternity appeal could support relaxation aids


Sometimes baby arrives too soon or is too poorly to survive, to lose a baby is an enormous shock for parents. It brings with it a wide range of emotions.  We hope to make our bereavement room and private garden a peaceful , tranquil space, with all the comforts and privacy needed for parents who face baby loss.

We're seeking funding for a bereavement garden
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