Midwife Claire Metcalfe has been raising money for Bay Hospitals Charity by presenting live video talks sharing her knowledge and experience of pregnancy and childbirth.

And as well as generating funds to support the maternity service at Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Claire has also been rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in to using the fund to redecorate delivery rooms at the hospital.

So far Claire has raised nearly £500 by broadcasting to followers of her Facebook page, called The Proud Midwife.

Claire said: “I’m really happy with how much we’ve raised so far. I’ve had the Facebook page set up since 2013 to share charity activity I was doing for the hospital, but because of coronavirus I started to do a bit more, just to keep people connected in such a strange time.

“In the Facebook Live videos I try to either provide useful information, share ideas for crafts and activities, or just do staff that will make people laugh.

“I’ve noticed so much how mental health has been affected by the pandemic, made worse because partners can’t attend appointments, so I’ve been trying to do things that will keep spirits up and keep us all connected.”

Highlights of the live videos have included footage of some of her decorating projects in the delivery room at Royal Lancaster Infirmary, as well as live footage of Claire being rescued after getting her car stuck in the mud while out on home visits.

Money raised by the videos has gone directly to improvements in delivery rooms at Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

Claire at work at Royal Lancaster Infirmary

Claire said: “Along with another midwife, Paula Bland, I started painting in the delivery rooms, adding nice quotes and encouraging words as well as trees and flowers.

“The women who hope to have their babies at Lancaster have loved to see how we’re getting on.

“We’ll be painting some more of the delivery rooms when we get time and with a different tree theme in each!”

Bay Hospitals Charity funds the latest equipment for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust to help make patients more comfortable and ensure they get the best possible care and treatment.

Sue Smith OBE, Executive Chief Nurse and Deputy Chief Executive, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, said: “Claire’s passion and energy are so inspiring and it’s amazing to see the work she has done to improve the surroundings in Lancaster’s delivery rooms. I have witnessed first-hand how calming the words of encouragement are for mums during delivery when I was my daughter’s birthing partner last April.

“The videos Claire makes are entertaining as well as informative and it’s wonderful that her viewers have been so generous to Bay Hospitals Charity.”