Funding state-of-the-art medical equipment to help improve care across Morecambe Bay Hospitals

Thanks to you, we funded a brand new Ultrasound Sherlock machine for our Oncology Unit at Furness General Hospital (FGH).  Jayne Bickerstaff, Oncology Unit Manager at FGH said: “On behalf of everyone in the Oncology Unit we cannot thank local people, including the many people who have, or are currently undergoing treatment on our unit enough.

“It’s thanks to their incredible support that last year we were able to apply to Bay Hospitals Charity to purchase a brand-new Ultrasound Sherlock machine.

“This new machine allows our clinicians to insert a pic line, which is a device we use when treating patients so they don’t need cannulation. The difference this makes to the care we can offer our patients is phenomenal.  The Sherlock machine has a better screen and is more accurate. We are currently training staff on how to use the new Sherlock machine and, once trained will mean we are able to treat more patients each day, reducing the time patients previously spent having to go to our X-ray department”.

Bay Hospitals Charity

Improving the environment across our hospitals for patients living with dementia

People who have dementia need additional support and bespoke care depending on their individual needs whilst they are in hospital.

Last year, we purchased a number of dementia trolleys, memory shops, memory walls and boxes which provide therapeutic and social benefits for people living with dementia.

These help our patients to reminisce by using memorabilia and pictures of the local area.  The dementia trolleys and all the items can be used by nurses, therapists and healthcare support workers as part of a patient’s therapy if they are unsettled. agitated or need some social activity. They can also be used by carers and family members.

Dianne Smith, Dementia Matron at UHMBT, said: “Bay Hospitals Charity and their incredible supporters do brilliant work throughout the year supporting our patients and clinical teams across Morecambe Bay hospitals. Thanks to the charity last year we purchased reminiscence shops, memory walls and reminiscence iPads.

“Using memorabilia such as old-fashioned shops and old pictures of the local area help our clinical teams provide a therapeutic environment for our patients to reminisce and staff can also use these items when caring for people with dementia who are unsettled or agitated or need some social activity.

“These additional items, which our charity has funded, help us deliver even better care for the patients living with dementia across our hospitals”.

Bay Hospitals Charity

A new parent’s room on our Special Care Baby Unit, at FGH, thanks to our amazing fundraisers like the Simpson family

A new room, which allows parents to stay on the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at FGH if their newly-born baby is poorly, or needs that little extra help was officially opened in January 2019 – thanks to our amazing fundraisers like the Simpson family who raised over £9000.

Bay Hospitals Charity

Improving the hospital environment across Morecambe Bay Hospitals

Improving the physical environment of our hospitals has a positive impact on the patients we care for as this helps reduce levels of stress and anxiety which can help make the treatment process more comfortable and help aid the recovery process.  Last year, thanks to you we purchased TVs and various toys for children’s books for our children’s wards.

Bay Hospitals Charity

Helping to make blood pressure monitoring more effective

Thanks to charitable funds, we invested over £23,000 on 162 mobile blood pressure monitoring stands for wards across FGH and the Royal Lancaster Infirmary (RLI).

Bay Hospitals Charity

Helping our clinicians keep up to date with the latest training and development

Bay Hospitals Charity support our workforce with their education and training goals Last year, we funded numerous staff training courses including:  What’s new in ICU, a course on Advanced Colorectal tumours and an ECG training course, to name but a few.

Bay Hospitals Charity

Raising the bar – staff training and education

Late last year, a former staff social club in the grounds of the RLI was transformed into a new education and training facility for nurses, midwives, allied health professionals (AHP’s) and student nurses – a first for Morecambe Bay hospitals thanks to the generosity of an extremely donation from staff. The donation allowed us to purchase new computers for the training and education centre.

Bay Hospitals Charity

We also purchased the following equipment:

  • 48 new Kangawraps for new mums and dads to use on our maternity wards. KangaWrap Kardi’s allow new mums and dads to bond with their baby on the move and encourages ‘skin-on-skin’ contact with mum and new baby immediately following childbirth. The kangakardi is an innovative garment which is made from stretchy, organic cotton. It wraps around the mother and provides secure positioning to facilitate skin to skin. The garment is applied before coming to theatre and is folded up to allow placement of the spinal anaesthetic. The soft fabric is comfortable to lie on and no pressure effects from wrinkles in the cotton were apparent.
  • A phlebotomy chair
  • 4 no-invasive Bilirubin meters which help healthcare teams to deliver reliable, non-invasive method for screening babies for jaundice
  • 6 x Capnography devices which monitor the concentration or partial pressure of carbon dioxide in the respiratory gases and are used as a monitoring tool for use during anaesthesia and intensive care
  • An Ophthalmoscope which allows healthcare professionals to see inside the fundus of the eye and other structures using an ophthalmoscope.
  • A microwave for staff
  • 6 Dyson air purifying fans
  • At the RLI, thanks to a team of midwives and obstetricians we purchased 24 Blue Tooth speakers for individual rooms on our maternity ward to allow new mums to play music while they are in hospital to help relaxation and reduce stress during child birth
  • A Calesca warming and thawing device for human breast milk
  • A Nova Statsensor meter which is a handheld analyser used in blood creatinine testing
  • Books for wards
  • A portable ultrasound scanner which uses sound waves to produce images of the internal organs, vessels and tissues.
  • A Giraffe Warmer which provides a heating source to keep newly delivered babies warm and safe
  • A number of Baby baths and cribs for our South Lakes Birth Centre. Pictured is one of the 10 cribs we bought for our Neonatal Unit at FGH.
  • Tabs, cushions and anti-slip mats for patients to improve patient safety
  • A chair for use in our Intensive care department
  • A Clinicart trolley, drawer and tables for wards
  • A slit lamp, which is a high-intensity light source that can be focused to shine a thin sheet of light into the eye
  • Seca sit on scales – A comfortable seat which provides swivelling armrests making it easier to move a patient from the bed onto the chair scale
  • 7 recliner chairs
  • 5 pulse oximetry monitors which help provide fast, accurate and consistent pulse oximetry testing for patients.
  • In addition, we also provided ongoing Aromatherapy care, in collaboration with Rosemere Cancer Foundation for oncology patients across FGH, RLI and WGH to help reduce anxiety, ease symptoms such as nausea and promote relaxation, relive muscle tension and improve circulation of blood and lymphatic drainage.
Bay Hospitals Charity

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