A ‘Spinathon’ at Lancaster’s 3-1-5 Health Club raised more than £500 for Bay Hospitals Charity.

Gym staff issued the challenge to volunteers to spend four hours pedalling indoor bikes as part of the charity challenge.

Fifteen riders completed the full four hours, with several more participating for shorter stints on their bikes.

3-1-5 Health Club Charity Champion Tom Cope said: “We wanted to support Bay Hospitals Charity because many members of staff at 3-1-5 have family members who have been looked after by the Cardiac Unit at Royal Lancaster Infirmary. We wanted to support the amazing work that the charity does on a daily basis.

“The Spinathon was really good – we thought we might get one or two people who would complete the full four hours, but to get 15 was brilliant.”

The club is planning a series of further fund-raisers for Bay Hospitals Charity, including a sponsored badge day for children in the club’s Stingrays swimming group, and a fully-booked children’s Christmas party.

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust Non-Executive Director Adrian Leather said: “Thanks to 3-1-5 for a fantastic fund-raiser for Bay Hospitals Charity, made even better by encouraging people of all ages to stay fit and active.”

Bay Hospitals Charity funds the latest equipment for University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust to help make patients more comfortable and ensure they get the best possible care and treatment.

To donate and support your local NHS hospital, contact Bay Hospitals Charity on 01524 516064 or email charity@uhmb.nhs.uk